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Friendly. Honest. Reliable.

For over a decade, we've served Redlands and Brisbane Bayside with friendly, reliable, and honest service, straight from our family to yours.

Our story.

We provide energy-efficient solutions for split air-conditioning systems and handle general domestic and commercial electrical projects for our customers.

Founded in 2017, Eco Bay Electrical was born out of a deep-seated enthusiasm for the solar industry. Why solar? Because it offers a solution that benefits both our finances and the environment. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, solar power not only aids in lowering electricity bills but also contributes to a greener environment.

Join us in bringing the Eco Bay name to life and making the bayside a more sustainable place to live.

Solar Power, Air Conditioning & Electrical services.

We’re your top choice for all electrical needs, offering personalised service with our in-house electrician on-site for every job. Our commitment to quality ensures cleanliness and care at every home, site, or business.

With a diverse range of quality products, we tailor each job to meet individual needs, striving to make our electrical services accessible to all.

✔ Air Conditioning Installation

✔ Air Conditioner Servicing

✔ Air Conditioner maintenance

✔ Commercial Solar Power Installation

✔ Residential Solar Power Installation

✔ Solar service and maintenace

✔ Electrical Repairs

✔ Electrical Compliance Checks

✔ Electrical Appliance Installation

✔ Home Rewiring

✔ Lighting And Ceiling Fans

✔ Business Electrical Solutions

We only work with the very best brands.

At Eco Bay Electrical, prioritising quality products for top-notch service is our mission. We’re dedicated to safeguarding your family and business for the long haul, beginning with trusted brands and expert installations by our team.

Meet the team.


Owner & Electrician

Mitch, the owner of Eco Bay, brings a decade of experience in the solar industry. Having witnessed the highs and lows of the electrical sector during this time, his passion for the environment inspired the birth of Eco Bay. Mitch takes immense pride in his work, ensuring every job meets your expectations.



Allan joined the Eco Bay team at the start of 2019, bringing 8 years experience in the industry and the same passion for solar solutions we all share. Hard working and determined Allan was the perfect fit. He has a great understanding of the industry and brings the enthusiasm and passion to every job.


Office Manager

Craig oversees office management, leveraging over 20 years of leadership experience across various roles in the trade industry. Responsible for stock procurement and job scheduling, his extensive expertise ensures seamless business operations.

Let's work together.

We’re passionate about assisting Redlands families with their electrical needs. Whether you’re postponing electrical tasks or seeking solar advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 0466 826 901 or click the button below to email us.